Odata REST filtering

Hi everyone, I have just started using Mendix and currently working on a project where we want to display data on a page using API and have a search option to filter this data (sort what's get returned). From what I have heard from other developers- Mendix cannot currently apply filters to an OData,  so it would have to be translated into a REST Service. Which is where I need help, since I am very new to this and I have no experience with REST. So far I managed to display the data, but unable to filter it. Any tips and guidlines would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. ^^
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Hi Plamena,


OData calls are simply REST services with additional parameters. So using a microflow you can call a OData service using the Mendix native REST connector. You can then pass in the REST call OData parameters in the URL call.

For example:


So all you need to do is build a search field on your Mendix page then pass this data to the Microflow to pass the search data to the URL and order parts.




Did you see this part of the documentation: https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/odata-query-options

Have not yet played with it myself, but depending on what you want to filter you might be lucky.