latestHttpResponse and latestSoapFault return empty

Hi guys, Im trying to integrate a consumed service in my app, but I can't figure out how the error handling works. Current MF looks like this:   The latestHttpResponse returns an empty string and the latestSoapFault returns 'null'. The MF should validate login credentials and I want to display different error messages based on the statuscode in the response. I.E. I don't want the user to think that their logincredentials are wrong when theres a problem is on the other side.   Am I missing something? Should I build this in another way? Why is latestSoapFault 'null'?   Thanks in advance.   Edit: Generic latest error after entering wrong credentials:  
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Currently fixed it by filtering out the digits from the $latestError/Message

If someone comes up with a better idea I would be glad to hear it.


This post gives a good sollution on how to set up the different levels of errors:

So on this level catch the soap errors while one microflow up you can catch the http errors.