Image in SOAP header

In out app we have build  2 consumed SOAP services with an image included to other systems. In a message of the first service the image is incorporated in the contents tag of message itself . In the message of the other service  the image is added as an attachement  and the message holds  next lines.                   <ns1:Contents>                      <xop:Include href="cid:db4008d0-7ca4-486b-8818-e2ac9b4df5b4" xmlns:xop=""/>                   </ns1:Contents> I presume this is the result of the WSDL which is used. Is that correct and can anyone explain what is the influencing this behaviour?    
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Hi Jan Joost,


It seems that the message is send using MTOM.

Instead of providing the binary content as Base64-encoded characters - contained as element text in the SOAP message - a multipart mime format is used, to devide the binary content from the SOAP message. Means: the SOAP message itself is contained in one part, and the binary content is in a separate part. The content element in the SOAP message just has a reference to the binary part.

For more information about MTOM please take a look at the following website: