MD5 encoder

Hello,   I'm looking for a MD5 encoder which i can use in Mendix, and for the life of me I cannot seem te find it. There are a lot of online encoders available, but none that I can use within Mendix. The question arises because we use MailChimp for our Newsletters and E-mail campaigns. In our Mendix App the users have the ability to subscribe or unsubscribe from these emails. MailChimp requires the MD5 encoded emailadres. I have the emailadresses in the Mendix application, but I cannot MD5-encode them, which i need to talk to the MailChimp API. For more info, see:   Any suggestions?   PS: The MD5 code is not be used for authentication, see documentation MailChimp API      
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Did you try creating a custom Java action with the instructions provided in this topic?

Here's an example (specifically option 2, hashing a string) of the code you could use to create the solution: