Call ExportMapping from Java to get the XML result

I have a situation in which I need to create a single UI for the functional administrator in which he needs to see the real XML that was sent to an external web service. Currently the only way I know how to get that XML is by setting the web service log level to Trace. But this is not sufficient for my customer. So I need a way to capture the XML. My thought is to call the ExportMapping directly from Java. But I can't seem to fund the API in the runtime to call the export mapping.  Does anyone have snappit on how to do this? Update: I found the API I couldn't find :) The api to use is:  Core.integration().exportToStream(context, mapping, source, false) This executes the mapping and returns the XML in a stream. Then you can convert the stream into a string if you want.
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Hi Phillip,

In our project (v 6.5.1) we are using the Rest module

In this module there is an option to generate an XML document based on a maping as a string and then store it in a Log object.

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