Web Service Call - Content-Type is overwritten

Hi, I am trying to call a SOAP web service that expects a binary file as one of the parameters. I am using an ExportMapping to create the SOAP Request Body. The web service that I am calling will only accept the following content type, which I have specified under custom HTTP headers Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8  However when the SOAP call is made the content type is  Content-Type: multipart/related;start="<rootpart*23149b8d-9269-4cbc-b9ab-c7b2f16823c3@example.jaxws.sun.com>";type="application/xop+xml";boundary="uuid:23149b8d-9269-4cbc-b9ab-c7b2f16823c3";start-info="text/xml" Any ideas how to change this? Thanks you
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To answer my own question in case anyone has the same issue:

Make sure that the check box: send binary data as attachment (MTOM) is unchecked on the web service