SSO integration

CMy colleague has built SSO into a mendix app, it needs to speak to our organizations ADFS. it works as a web app but we are trying to deploy it to mobile (android) and somewhere in the packaging process or the phonegap process things change. I will paste below the email from my colleague. To support authentication via SAML/ADFS, the index.html page needs to redirect to the app’s /SSO/ URL. I’m not sure exactly what the app’s /SSO/ URL is, and have not been able to determine it locally within the hybrid app. When I tried temporarily hard-coding the SSO URL, it actually comes up in a separate browser window, outside of the app. So, I need to know: 1. How to determine on the client what the actual application’s URL is. 2. How to successfully make the hybrid app redirect to /SSO/ for authentication via ADFS and then redirect back into to the local hybrid app once authentication is successful, so that the user can proceed with the app normally from that point. Are you able to assist?
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The redirect will try to open on the device in the default browser, due to the http(s) protocol being used and recognized.

For the app you'll might be needing a custom url scheme, adding this takes some tinkering with the phonegap package, an additional plugin and some configuration. This all to allow the redirect to be send to yourapp://path/SSO....

See here for more information on the custom url scheme.