On Enterprise Active Server Actions Multithreading

Hi, We have a project that integrates to a workflow engine using SOAP calls. There are certain processes where we have multiple SOAP calls being executed, and this is resulting in increased wait time for the user ( sometime more than 30 seconds). As such we did some investigation and it seems the server does not execute the active threads concurrently, and instead adds the server actions for these microflows to a processing queue, meaning the second user who executes a microflow must wait for the user before them to complete the action before their action is executed, and can cause time-outs on the second users SOAP calls.   As such we are investigating how best to mutli-thread this process so that multiple actions are executed simultaniously. Does any one know of possible solutions?    Kind regards,   Ryan Mocke
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Hi Ryan,

  Is it possible that you are dealing with multiple synchronous microflow calls?  Perhaps asynchronous calls would help here: