Calling REST for PUT/POST request in Mendix

Hello,   Has anyone used REST for PUT/POST request? I'd like to see the microflow action and how the values entered are passed to the microwflow. A simple example of calling REST to pass one attribute would do too. Thanks!
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  Have you seen our examples and documentation for how to call a REST flow?  Here is an example of how to make that call:

Here you can see how to set the method to POST or PUT

To pass values to ta REST call, you can use an Export Mapping, as outlined here:

or you can create the template yourself in the Microflow action.

Let me know if this gives you what you need. 




Hi Bob,

Thanks for the response.

I have got my JSON structure and Export mapping done. 
Attaching the screenshots of the Domain model, export mapping, Home page and the microflow used to call the service. Not able to figure out what is going wrong exactly.I have got my JSON structure and Export mapping done.