Mapping persistent and non-persistent entities when publishing App service

Hi Team, I am working on an example  with publishing App services. So for this I created publishing application with two entities which are persistable and have mapping between them and two entities which are non persistable (similar to persistable entities) which are used for publishing.  Another application for consuming the app service, where I am retrieving list of rows from publishing entity. For doing this in my publishing microflow I am retrieving data for persistable entity and creating object of type non-persistable entity and comitting data everytime. Similarly when I want to commit data to my persistable entity again I am creating object of persistable type and assigning the non-persistable data. So this process of creation of object is it correct? or is this there something I am missing?
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For the publishing part it is in my opinion not necesarry to create non-persistent objects. You just could use the persistable objects in the webservice. For the consuming app the non-persistant should be used. This because you want to retrieve everything first and process those to the persistent objects.

Hope this helps.