Strange error when doing export to XML

Does anybody know what this error means: "Current configuration of the parser doesn't allow a maxOccurs attribute value to be set greater than the value 5.000." First I thought that I created to much non persistent objects and that the export could not handle that. I then lowered the amount of export objects but I still receive this error so I think my assumption on what this error means is incorrect. Anybody ever seen this error and can give a hint what is going wrong here? Regards, Ronald
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The XML-parser has a setting that limits the value of maxOccurs to 5000. Assuming that it is about the Java-XML-parser, this might help:

This propertysetting seems likely to solve it, though you will have to find out where to change this setting:

System.setProperty("jdk.xml.maxOccurLimit", "XXXXX");