Is it possible to embed a Mendix Application in an iFrame on a Wordpress site?

I'm trying to find out if a Mendix application will work as expected inside an iFrame on a Wordpress site? If anyone has any experience with this any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Hi Bryn,

Sure, like any other app this should be possible yes, but you might discover some difficulties when framing on your way which isn't Mendix specific. There is some experience on the forum already, specific from Enzo, with specific framing Mendix into Wordpress. Maybe you could re-use some of the knowledge of these topics:

In general if you want communicate to your mendix app you could use the Deeplink module to pass parameters. Found one topic however where it leads to an error, but if you would proceed and you have to communicate between 2 apps that would be my first thing to test if I where you.



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