In 6.0.0: How to consume rest-service that has reserved word id as parameter?

Trying to consume Problem is: I have to set their obligatory parameter 'id' in my query, but I can not do so because in 6.0.1 you need to define a domain model having an attribute with that particular parameter name. But since 'id' is a reserved word, the Mendix Modeler does not allow you to do so. Don't see any solution on as well. How to solve/workaround this?    
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Hi Tim,


If you create an attribute called _id in your entity it'll get matched to id.


See the documentation here:


Any reserved name is accessible by using _ before the name.


I have this problem in two places. See the domainmodel.

The first place is the request-url which has 'id' as parameter and the Java requestwidget should create that from QueryId-_id.

The second is the Response received that contains a field named 'docs-id'. For the second problem the '_' prefixing in DocObject-_id works. Thanks for that.

For the first problem it did not convert _id to id (at least not today), so I worked around that by creating the url in separate action and setting the optRequestData to empty.