how to import/get the stories from Jira into the stories of your app

Hi, Can you please let me know if i can find some documentation on integration of Jira with mendix. we want to see the stories created in Jira onto your stories tab in your app/mendix modeler. also tried to go through the previous asked questions on this not abel find any concrete answer.   
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This Forum thread: outlines the approach you would need to take to integrate Jira with Mendix so that Jira stories could be created in the Mendix platform.

Briefly, you would retrieve stories from Jira using the REST api provided by Jira and then create stories in the Mendix platform using the stories api (documentation here:

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Ok, you will be consuming a web service (in this case its a Mendix web service being consumed by a Mendix app)

Follow the directions here:

You can find the link to the Stories WSDL file you'll need on this page:

And authentication information can be found here: