SOAP message body cannot be read

Good morning,   We're experiencing a strange issue with one of our applications. We're consuming a SOAP Webservice, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. There is no consistency as to when it works or not, as the content of the message doesn't change. When it doesn't work, from the error we determine that the body of the message can't be read because it's empty. However, when we debug the process in Mendix, the xml is filled with the expected content. As soon as the content is send to the Mendix server (and we can't see what's happening with the content) it seems to become empty.   Has anybody experienced this behaviour before? The stacktrace of the error message can be found in the comment below. Any help would be very much appreciated!   Thanks and kind regards, Rochus Meijer
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Thank you all for your responses. We took this issue to Mendix HQ in Rotterdam and there we came to the conclusion that the issue lies within the platform. When the loglevels are on INFO, it works. When the loglevels are set to TRACE/ DEBUG, it doesn't. This explains the inconsistent behaviour we've seen. Mendix confirms this issue within Mendix 7.7.1, I'm unaware of other platform releases where this issue might occur. Keep in mind that we're sending quite large XML messages and that small messages might not trigger this issue. Should you encounter something similar, check your loglevels and upgrade to the future version where Mendix has fixed the issue.


We experienced the same problem. We wanted to look into the request and response of a webservice and changed the loglevel of WebServices to trace. When we then looked into the log we saw the request and response xml. However BizTalk reported that we were sending requests with empty body’s. Our app is running on Mendix 6.10.10. This post helped us.


Are you sure this issue is solved in Mendix 7.1.1? I can’t find it in the release notes, but maybe I am a bad reader.