Using ODATA with LibreOffice Calc

--Update: I've removed anonymous from the allowed user roles. This opens a login window, which successfully connects. Available Tables/Ranges remains empty still --    Hi!  Currently I'm working on an assignment where I need to unlock some data of my Training Management App with OData.  The next thing Im trying to do is to view this data in LibreOffice calc. Unfortunately this is not going as I had hoped. I can paste the URL into the external data field, and after pressing <enter> I'm presented with the xml of the OData source. (see attached image) The thing that puzzles me is that there is nothing available in the tables/ranges field. (And thus I cannot click "OK " Things I've done: - Create a new OData source with resource entity Course - Made sure all the attributes are exposed - Set allowed roles: Administrator, user and anonymous - Made sure that in the module where the OData source is stored, OData is allowed for the mentioned user roles. What am I missing here?   Thank you in advance!   ---- attached image ---- 
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I wonder if this a LibreOffice bug. What happens when you try to do this in Excel, or PowerBI? With PowerBI you can create a free account so you can test your OData setup. If it works there then the problem must be LibreOffice.