Hi all, As per this discussion we had before. I have restricted the access of anonymous users as per suggestions. But the problem is the SAP credentials which ever is passed to generate XSUAA token is taken as Anonymous user in mendix application. But as per mendix docs :They will be assigned to the roles in the Mendix application based on the scopes they have received from the XSUAA service. The scopes are defined by the mapping between the role templates and the role collections.  This role assignment is not happening i guess. As mentioned before still im facing administration entity security error.(i have checked the entity access rules is fine) PFB logs for the XSUAA generation and warnings faced: Kindly let me know the next steps and correct me if my understanding is wrong. Thanks
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Hi Thilagavathi Duraisamy,

Setting the relationship between Role Collection and User Groups as well as the relationship between Role and Role template is done manually in the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit.

You can do this in "Security".

If you want any user to be able to logon to the application by using SAP XSUAA you need to configure this.

I hope this answers your question!