Native REST - Accepting JSON payload?

I need to create a rest endpoint where i accept a JSON payload from the consumer.  I see how to get primitive attributes into the native rest service but i don't see how I can get an object into it.  Anyone know how to make this work?  I can't set an object as another parameter for the microflow service.  How can I make this work?  When I use Postman to send a request, the body of the request (JSON) shows up in the Content attribute of the httpRequest inbound object to the microflow.  However, when the outside application makes a request to that service, the Content attribute is blank ('').  When I set the Rest Publish log node to TRACE, i can see that the size of the incoming request is  Content-Length: 2317 Yet the content attribute is blank.
2 answers

First: What version of Mendix are you using?  Next: the problem is in the application that makes the request. Or more specifically, your services receives calls fine when called by Postman, so the question is: what is different between the Postman-call and the outsides applications calls?



Ok, so I was able to reproduce the problem from Postman.  When I carefully inspected the headers coming from the service, i see they are sending a header for Content-Type: x-www-form-urlencoded, yet they are sending JSON in the body.  When i forced a header like that from Postman with a JSON body, the content parameter in Mendix is empty.  Not sure this is best practice from Slack's end but it is causing an issue here.


Figured it out.  Slack is responding with a www-form-urlencoded single parameter of "payload" with the JSON in the payload parameter.