LDAP user synchronization issues

Dears, I'm trying to set up synchronization of users and their roles via LDAP using the AppStore module as provided. I follow the instructions https://docs.mendix.com/howto6/synchronizing-user-accounts-using-the-ldap-module So far I've managed to pull in the users from my OpenLDAP server (using Search filter that is set to '(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)'). I've tried several other settings for the Search filter, however, I'm not able to set up the groups to roles mapping as there are no groups retrieved.  The (rather cryptic) help text states: "LDAP groups are synchronized during the user synchronization. You'll only see the groups related to the imported users.  You can configure the application user roles that should be assigned if a user has these AD roles" How are the users related to groups? Should I extend the Search filter? If so, how? Or is it possible there is something missing (memberOf attribuut?) in the Schema of my OpenLDAP?   I'm using Mx 5.21.8 and LDAP module version v5.4.1 also tried the same again on 6.10.11 with the LDAP v7.2.0
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I think this might be an OpenLDAP issue. Normally when reading the LDAP server the groups are created. You might check the Java code on the Mendix side to see how this is done and you might be able to adapt it to accomodate OpenLDAP.