SCP deployment - requesting Odata service from SAP On Premise - 560 error

Dear Mendix experts, I'm following a few tutorials to create a simple Mendix app using an Odata service of a SAP on-premise backend. The deployment of the app to the SCP succeeded. The SSO authentication succeeded and I can start the app. The Odata service is available on the Neo-part of the SCP, so the SAP Cloud Connector config seems correct. But the moment the app starts the Microflow that calls the Odata service on the backend, I get this 560 http error. It must have something to do with logging on to the on-premise system, because I havent had an option for inputting those credentials. But how to realize that? Best regards, Niels
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Regarding authentication: There is an activity called "Add basic authentication" that is included in the SAP OData Connector plug-in. Try using that to add user credentials to your request parameters before you send your request.


Are you using the same network as the on premise system? Is it possible that it’s a firewall issue?