Can two mendix applications share same database

Hello, Is it poosible to have two mendix applicatons share the same database? We have an application which has data intensive long running workflows and we are looking for ways to split this application into two - one will be light weight UI application and the other will execute the long running workflows using the data saved by the UI application so that each can scale independently. Thank you.
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No, 2 Mendix apps cannot share the same database.  If you want to create the architecture you describe, create 2 apps and build integrations between the apps to support your requirements.

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What if it is the same application deployed to 2 differents clusters but connected to the same db?


One application on cluster A will give access to only the Front UI pages and the other application on the cluster B will run the Back office. But both are working on the same db.


We will manage the navigation regarding to the value of an environnement constant.


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