SCP deployment - requesting Odata service from SAP On Premise - 560 error - part 2

Hello Mendix Experts, My simple Mendix app using a SAP OnPremise Odata service works nicely when I run it locally. I have used the complete URL of the system and the service now. But when I deploy it to the SCP I get a 560 http error. This is probably caused by the fact that the SCP only knows my OnPremise SAP system as a so called "Destination", that I defined there. But where do I configure this Destination name as a source for my Mendix app? (I have setup the Cloud Connector. And the connection test in the Cloud Cockpit to the OnPremise system succeeds.) Thanks in advance, Niels
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Did you find any solution to this? I'm running into the same issue.


Same issue over here:

The set-up of the application is as follows: we want not-known-SAP/SCP end-users to access our Mendix application that’s going to need to consume an OData service of an OnPremise system. The documentation is rather defered: use basic authentication, use principal propagation, us the GetDestination-method, use the GetCloudConnectorInfo-method, etc.

There’s one constant in our quest, and that’s the HTTP 560 error, checking the logs: the hostname shouldn’t be known. Yet, when we deploy another application on CF (non-Mendix), we can perfectly access the OData service and fetch the data.

Should there be any experience in the community regarding this kind of issue: would be gladly appreciated!

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