Integration with Google Docs as DMS

Who has experience on integrating with Google Docs as a DMS solution? For a customer I'm checking different DMS solutions. 1 of the options is the usage of Google Docs. In basic it is about storage, searching editing and versioning documents. The Mendix app is managing the DMS by uploading the documents and we want to have the best UX for the enduser. There are some specific requirements: Adding documents with metadata and search through document based on the metadata and content. Users must be able to alter document and save them with a new version. In the perfect situation is the google docs location a black box for endusers but by checking the Mendix app the authorization on viewing and altering the documents is managed.   I know that Google has 'recently' change the API from REST to a for example Java implementation. Do you have experience with that kind of implementation? We're also checking SharePoint as a solution and security wise it's quit a challenge due the fact editing the document directly but Mendix is authorizing the enduser. Thanks in advance!
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Hi Joël,

I have some experience with this through the REST API. We used google docs as a storage solution for files generated by Mendix. The customer could also upload files in google docs and Mendix could retrieve them. 

In my experience this was a nice solution, it worked good in combination with the google authenticator. Furthermore the options of google docs with authorisation are nice. 

In our case there was no need to edit the files from the Mendix application, so i dont know what the possibilities are. So from my perspective Google docs can be used as a nice document storage tool, not sure about the editting option in combination with Mendix.