REST Service Authorization

Good Day,   Trying to consume a rest service and experimenting with a simple GET call without parameters for now. Have tested the endpoint using Advanced REST Client and have built the JSON structure, Import Mapping, Data Model and Page to call the GET method via a button that calls the Microflow.   Got a default error, after debugging the microflow which executes the service call, I noticed the 401 unauthorized error. The REST Client also confirmed the need for credentials during testing.     My Expressions are ( for the username and similar for the password)....   Here is my JSON structure...   The Import Mapping..., (I renamed the non-persisting entities) My Data Model...(I created a separate _Input entity which I will use later when using parameters to the service call)   The Microflow... (calling the rest service)       Questions 1. How and where do you add the authorization on an activity with action Call REST? Have tried the HTTP Headers tab by providing a username and password using expressions as the documentation suggest - but had no luck. The documentation do not contain examples of this.
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Hi Zach,

In your last picture it looks like you need to include a header named authorization, with the value displayed next to it.

Does that solve your authorization problem?