Integrating with SAP Successfactors

 The metadata definition file of the Successfactors  comes to be more than 6MB. And the tool ( I am using to generate the Mendix domain from that schema, accepts max 2MB size. So I trimmed the schema to a few entities such as - PerAddressDEFLT, PerEmail, etc. And validated it in the SAP web IDE's odata model editor too. But even then the trimmed schema file gets error message - The XML file could not be processed. So I am not able to create Mendix entities module. Anyone who has integrated to Successfactors, can he share the metadata so I use it for a reference. Any tips/pointers welcome. Thanks. ******** EDIT ******** Here is the solution I came up with to convert the metadata of successfactors to sap connector compatible: 0) Select those entities which your app will use. Or if you still want to use all entities then divide the entities into few groups and create .mpk for each group. Then a small sample group's metadata can be generated as:,PerEmail,PerPerson,PersonKey,PerGlobalInfoUSA,Position/$metadata 1) Remove the namespace sf 2) Replace the namespace sap: ---change---  ---to---   3) move the EntityContainer into the SFOData schema at the bottom. And remove the whole element <Schema Namespace="SFODataSet"...</Schema> 4) Replace all occurances Edm.DateTimeOffset with Edm.DateTime 5) Generate the .mpk from the above xml at 6) Edit the java file sapodataconnector.utils.ToMendixSerializer by adding the below statement on line#109 timestamp = ((timestamp == null) || (timestamp.indexOf("+") == -1))? timestamp : (timestamp.substring(0, timestamp.indexOf("+")));  
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I have discussed the same with the Mendix Team.  The current SAP OData model creator cannot deal with the Succesfactors metadata.  

The feature has been requested and is on the Roadmap of the Mendix - SAP team.



Folks thanks for looking into it and replies. I digged more and made a list of steps to trim the successfactors schema to sap schema. And also needed a custom java fix in odataconnector code. Then the successfactors module generated just fine. I can share my findings and the code change in case anyone needs it before Mendix provides us new release. Also the tool puts a 2Mb size limit on schema file and successfactors has 6Mb. So we would need to cut down the entities we consume or make 3 separate modules.


Sorry for the hassle that you needed to go through for generating successfactor schemas.

We are actively trying to improve our OData module generator and we have recently released a new version that adds support for SAP API hub and we have introduced a more advanced parsing capabilities, so that you won't need to convert some of the unsupported types manually. 

Hope the new feature could help you and if you have any feedbacks on them, please consider using the feedback button on the right side of the page to report them directly to the R&D team.