Best Practices - Digital Signature

Hi All, I am about to start a new process that requires Digital Signatures for official documents. (Bank documents, contracts, etc.)  I already know that some of the Banks will accept DOCUSIGN as a method of signing electronically.  I have implemented the Mendix Digital Signature add-on for some other internal forms, but am concerned that it may be difficult to have third-party businesses accept this. I am looking for recommendations on implementing a trust worthy Digital Signature process within Mendix. Has anyone used the Docusign module? (It seems old and there aren't many downloads) Thanks in advance!
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I have used the DocuSign module in a customer project. It's a B2B application, where customers of my customer sign quotations in the range of €10k to €60k. My customer accepts electronically signed documents as legally binding. I think that is your biggest obstacle to overcome, to have the deliverer of the goods or service accept the digitally signed document. Customers of the customer don't seem to have a problem with electronic signing.

On a more personal note, one of my friends is board member of an association that maintains an appartment building (rather common in the Netherlands). He's often asked to sign quotations by printing a PDF file, signing it, scanning it and sending it back. He scanned his signature and pastes the signature in the PDF file, simply by using Adobe Reader. To day, he's had no party complain about this method. Compared to this method, DocuSign is a more secure alternative.