REST service via PUT/POST import mapping correct but no object(s) created

Hi All, I have a REST service exposed using JSON. Calling the service with a JSON body does not result in an object as defined in the import mapping. When tracing the JSON import it all looks just fine but the object is not created. The mapping looks like: I have tried with both persistent and non-persistent objects. When entering the microflow I should have an object UpsertWurPersonRequest but this object is empty. It somehow looks like the JSON is parsed as expected but the mapping does not result in any objects. The service definition is like: Anyone encountered something like this? NOTE: I used both 7.14.1 and 7.15.1
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Are you using a JSON structure to define the messages? That doesn't work, it will be fixed in 7.16

In 7.15.1, you can only use message definitions to define you message.