Weird date problem using Queues.

Hi There We have recently integrated with a time and attendance application. We run large jobs at night so we use Q's to break them up into small units to release the memory and not overload the system. We also have a button on the front end were we can update the information per site and date range.  Both ways call the same rest api. The Q job however messes up all of the UTC times. We have created a work around. I was just wondering if anybody else has had the same problem using Q's. When i have time i will document it better and rise a ticket. Was just wondering if there is a trick using Q's and rest api's were dates are critical. Regards, Patrick    
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I've personally had issues with the DateTime tokens available in Mendix since patch 7.13.1 where it gets the dates wrong for those tokens. The only one that still seems to work properly is '[%CurrentDateTime%]' 

I've raised a ticket a long time ago (21 days now without a status change of the support ticket) so I can't really tell their progress on fixing it, they did acknowledge the issue. 

So in case your logic is based on for example tokens like '[%EndOfCurrentMinute%]' or something it might be related to this issue.

To visually give you an idea of the bug:

results in