Import mapping unable to create objects

Is there anyway to debug why objects are not created when using import mapping on a webservice? When I turn xml import to trace I see the available mapping elements and then see the XML path added. However, when the object is returned from the webservice activity the object is null. Here is the xsd for the operation that I am trying to use: <element name="Register" type="vips:RegisterType"/>     <complexType name="RegisterType" mixed="false">         <annotation>             <documentation xml:lang="en">                     XML to Register phone number                 </documentation>         </annotation>         <complexContent>             <extension base="vips:TokenRequestType">                 <sequence minOccurs="0">                     <element name="DeliverOTP" type="boolean" minOccurs="0"/>                     <element name="SMSDeliveryInfo" type="vips:SMSDeliveryInfoType" minOccurs="0"/>                     <element name="VoiceDeliveryInfo" type="vips:VoiceDeliveryInfoType" minOccurs="0"/>                 </sequence>             </extension>         </complexContent>     </complexType>     <element name="RegisterResponse" type="RegisterResponseType"/>     <complexType name="RegisterResponseType" mixed="false">         <annotation>             <documentation xml:lang="en">                     Response to a request to register phone, returns success or failure with reason code                 </documentation>         </annotation>         <complexContent>             <extension base="vips:ResponseWithStatusType">                 <sequence minOccurs="0">                     <element name="OTP" type="vips:OTPType" minOccurs="0"/>                 </sequence>             </extension>         </complexContent>     </complexType>   Does Mendix support the import? When selecting the import mapping I do see the following warning message: "This sequence element is nested and optional. This is only partially supported in import mappings and not at all in export mappings" Thanks, Jason
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I think it is as it says: you have a nested optional mapping, and your case in not supported in the import mapping