SAP oData Property AddressComplex is invalid (Mendix Training Module: Learn to Build an SAP app)

I keep running into  Property 'AddressComplex' is invalid  when trying to create or update a BusinessPartnerContact from the SAP ES5 Demo system, as suggested by the training module.  I couldnt get the create working for the same reason, so i continued with the update. First I retrieve the contacts:  { "d": { "results": [{ "__metadata": { "id": "'0050568c-901d-1ed8-abe3-a81ca57320fa')", "uri": "'0050568c-901d-1ed8-abe3-a81ca57320fa')", "type": "GWSAMPLE_BASIC.Contact" }, "Address": { "__metadata": { "type": "GWSAMPLE_BASIC.CT_Address" }, "City": "Tokyo", "PostalCode": "135-0064", "Street": "Aomi Chome-4-32", "Building": "2", "Country": "JP", "AddressType": "02" }, "ContactGuid": "0050568c-901d-1ed8-abe3-a81ca57320fa", "BusinessPartnerID": "0100000006", "Title": "", "FirstName": "Yoko", "MiddleName": "", "LastName": "Nakamura", "Nickname": "", "Initials": "", "Sex": "F", "PhoneNumber": "9078563412", "FaxNumber": "9078563004", "EmailAddress": "", "Language": "EN", "DateOfBirth": null, "ToBusinessPartner": { "__deferred": { "uri": "'0050568c-901d-1ed8-abe3-a81ca57320fa')/ToBusinessPartner" } } }, { "__metadata": { "id": "'0050568c-901d-1ed8-abe3-a81ca57340fa')", "uri": "'0050568c-901d-1ed8-abe3-a81ca57340fa')", "type": "GWSAMPLE_BASIC.Contact" }, "Address": { "__metadata": { "type": "GWSAMPLE_BASIC.CT_Address" }, "City": "Tokyo", "PostalCode": "160-0004", "Street": "Yotsuya Chome-3-1", "Building": "3", "Country": "JP", "AddressType": "02" }, "ContactGuid": "0050568c-901d-1ed8-abe3-a81ca57340fa", "BusinessPartnerID": "0100000006", "Title": "", "FirstName": "Hidehisa", "MiddleName": "Masaaki", "LastName": "Koshiishi", "Nickname": "", "Initials": "", "Se@": "M", "PhoneNumber": "9078563413", "FaxNumber": "9078563004", "EmailAddress": "", "Language": "EN", "DateOfBirth": null, "ToBusinessPartner": { "__deferred": { "uri": "'0050568c-901d-1ed8-abe3-a81ca57340fa')/ToBusinessPartner" } } }] } } The I try to update one of them: { "DateOfBirth": null, "BusinessPartnerID": "0100000006", "AddressComplex": { "Building": "2", "PostalCode": "135-0064", "Street": "Aomi Chome-4-32", "Country": "JP", "City": "Tokyo", "AddressType": "02" }, "FirstName": "Yoko Updated", "Sex": "F", "Title": "", "MiddleName": "", "Initials": "", "EmailAddress": "", "Language": "EN", "FaxNumber": "9078563004", "PhoneNumber": "9078563412", "ContactGuid": "0050568c-901d-1ed8-abe3-a81ca57320fa", "LastName": "Nakamura", "Nickname": "" } The I keep getting get this error: { "error": { "code": "/IWCOR/CX_DS_EP_PROPERTY_ERROR/005056A509B11ED1BF822D2D09171A04", "message": { "lang": "en", "value": "Property 'AddressComplex' is invalid" }, "innererror": { "application": { "component_id": "OPU-BSE-SDE", "service_namespace": "/IWBEP/", "service_id": "GWSAMPLE_BASIC", "service_version": "0001" }, "transactionid": "B9E0A2A100BE0050E005B8CFB3EAD730", "timestamp": "20180903091801.0259130", "Error_Resolution": { "SAP_Transaction": "Run transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG on SAP Gateway hub system and search for entries with the timestamp above for more details", "SAP_Note": "See SAP Note 1797736 for error analysis (" }, "errordetails": [] } } } As far as I can see I have followed the instructions properly. I have only changed the firstname. There is a CT_Address associated to this customer. (Removing the association leads to the address is required error). Does anyone have the create and update working? What suggestions do you have?
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This seems to be a problem in the OData domain model as generated from the meta data.

If you rename the associations from address, removing 'complex' from it's name, then it sould work.