iOS device not receiving push notification

Hi, I have set up the mendix push notification module in our development environment. I'm able to receive notification on android devices. But not on iOS devices. The device is getting registered. And I see the following entries in the logs when sending push notifications. But I'm receiving it on my iOS device. Any inputs will be highly appreciated. INFO - PushNotifications: Attempt to send 1 messages via APNS. INFO - PushNotifications: APN: Successfully sent message to 33904366... I followed the instructions here:-  
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There are two common problems most people, including myself, make mistakes with when setting up apple push notifications.

A) You need to make sure you generate the right type of certificate. If you are making a development app you need a developer push notification certificate. If your doing a production deployment you need a production push notification certificate. For instance you can't use a developer push notifiication certificate with an app wrapped using a production certificate and visa versa.

B) Often people forget to change the url of the environment they are sending the certificates to. For instance if your are using a developer certificate you must use the url: and for development

C) The certificate you use on the push notifications server needs to be in p12 format. A lot of the time people forget to convert the certificate correctly.






If you are not receiving push notifications on your iOS device, please first restart your device. If this does not resolve the issue, log out of the SubAssistant app and sign in again. To log out, go to the Settings screen in the app, then tap Log Out. Once logged out, tap the Sign In button Bluestacks TextNow Photomath