Any experience with Apache Kafka and Mendix as producer/consumer

hi all I am researching an app usecase  to build scalable, high-througput and reliable realtime system, whereby at pike moments around 200.000 requests per second should be handled. Therefore wondering whether Kafka would be the right solution as distributed streaming platform whereby Mendix could be used as a consumer of the messages in the Kafka architecture. As a non-architect I am curious to tackle this solution and thefore wondering to people who might share their experiences : 1 - General experience kafka, API, implementation? 2 - How did you implement Kafka API for the Mendix app? 3 - Pitfalls/issues/solutions? 4 - reached desired high availability/througput and reliability as consuming Mx app? ...any other relevant advies are appreciated Any other advice to tackle the usecase are welcome.
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