RSA Validation of JWT in the Mendix cloud fails

We want to use a JWT to validate an external app in our Mendix backend so we incorporated the JWT module to achieve this. Locally this works like a charm but when running in the Mendix Cloud we seem to encounter errors concerning the key length.  PMAPPINFOCaused by: com.mendix.systemwideinterfaces.MendixRuntimeException: IOException : Short read of DER length I suspect that the key might be to big for the applied java policies but i am unsure about this. When Mendix reaches out to me about this ill post my update here. In the mean time, i was wondering if anyone else tried to use the RSA validation of JWT's in the Mendix Cloud and how did you get it to work? Edit: There appeared to be a bug in the appstore module that did not manifest itself locally. After changing this i got it to work. I will push my changes to the developer to get this fixed in the standard module asap.  
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Hi Pieter,

Thanks for your contributions. New versions have been released that contain a fix, but also a PEM to DER and DER to PEM converter.