OData use in Microsoft Power BI

Anyone successfully connected Power BI to a Mendix OData source?  I keep getting "We couldn't authenticate with the credentials provided.  Please try again." in Power BI.  I successfully connected running the same project in the modeler locally.  I have opened up the proper request handlers already. 
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I've had zero issues connecting PowerBI to a Mendix OData source to be honest. Are you sure you are using the correct credentials?


That's exactly what I did Jonathan. See below

1. Add Data source

2. Choose Odata

3. Enter your correct URL (for me this is: https://myapp.mendixcloudcom/odata/ALG (where ALG is my ODATA source in Mendix)

4. Enter your basic authentication credentials (your Mendix user + password with sufficient rights)

5. Continue.

In the next screen you should see all your OData resources for that feed:


You can select the ones you need and continue on



In my case I want to connect power bi to the published application data, not to the localhost. It's possible?