Import Excel into Mendix App

Hello Everyone,  I am trying to import excel file into Mendix application. I am following the instructions provided on the page: However I am stuck at the below step as I am not able to understand what to do after I download  Download the Excel Importer and Mx Model Reflection modules from the appstore. Create menu items for the ExcelImportOverview and the MxObjects_Overview pages. Those pages already exist within the _USE_ME folders of the downloaded modules. I copied these patchs into at C:\Program Files\Mendix\\modeler but when I execute these nothing happens. I am not sure If I am doing anything wrong.  Please suggest, thanks in advance. Regards, Puneet
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Hi Puneet,


You to import the modules from the Appstore while you are in the modeler.

Once you have done this they are available as module in your project.

Add the needed pages to your navigation and define the project security.

After that you should be able to continue.

All you need to do is run the Model Reflection, create an import template (which maps your Excel records to an Entity), upload the file you want to import and run the import.