Timeout settings

Hi all, We are experiences some difficulties when sending data through a Webservice. It returns a 502: Proxy Error back when we increase the number of records we are trying to send. We didn't set a timeout on request but after 1 minute it returns this error, and it feels a little bit as an timeout error since increasing the load would lead to this behavior and doing the same operation from the middleware is still no problem at all Are the other global timeout settings that limit the time for the Webservice to return? Or has anyone experienced this behavior before?
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No there are no global timeout settings on a web service, except for mobile apps that I think come with a default 5000ms timeout.

Please look at this question & answers: https://forum.mendix.com/link/questions/21502

General takeaway: "The 502 error should only be shown if your application can't be reached, which if you didn't shut it down at that time it could be that your application is becoming unresponsive at certain moments."