Bypass SSO login as MxAdmin

Hi everyone,  We have implemented SSO (with the SAML20 module) in our Mendix project. Logging in as a user works fine. The mendix url: redirects to /SSO/ where you are able to fill in your credentials and be redirected to our Mendix app (logged in as a user). When you hit the log out button you will be directed to /login.html. When I fill in my MxAdmin user credentials the app redirects me to /SSO/ and then I'm logged in again as my ADFS user account. Now, I want to be able to login as the MxAdmin (bypass SSO) and not be redirected to SSO. How do I accomplish this? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Laurens, 

How exactly did you implement the login redirect. In my experience it works ok if you set the origin uri in index.html to "/SSO"


Why not as a MxAdmin go directly to login.html ? If is still exists it should be no problem to bypass the SSO that way.