caching microflow calls and data

What caching system is provided in a mendix application. What I mean is : is there something similar like I know from the Java Spring framework where methods can be annotated with a "Cachebale" annotation? Today almost all our applications are front applications on top of JAVA microservices. The applications get data from these servcies by REST actions. Because most widgets like the listview controls widget or the autocomplete widget expect persistable entities. This means that data received from the services are persisted (thus replicated) to the mendix database to be used by these widget. I'm searching for ways to good design principles for these cases.  The advantage of these widgets is that it provides default functionality without any coding. But should I continue like this or don't persist this data which results in a lot of replicated data.
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For the first part of your question. No, there's no builtin caching mechanism on a functional level in Mendix. I also don't know any module that implements something like that.

For the second part it's not clear to me what your specific use case is. Do you want to build a new app or migrate an existing app or something else?