Opening a Mobile application by url in email

Requirement  What I'm trying to achieve: let users navigate to the relevant screen within a mobile app by clicking a link they received via email. Scenario: . If the user checks the email on his mobile phone (which is what most of my users do), then I want the link from the email to take them to the mobile app home page (i.e a real mobile app deeplink) What I tried already Facing Challenges after implementing above suggestions. I have some queries related to above answer. 1. what is "YOURGREATAPP" name is coming from. Do I create any random name or I have to take this name from some place from our application. 2. when I sent this kind of URL by mail to my personal mail ID after updating all the required things in below URL entered and want to open the link it gives me "500 error".   YOURGREATAPP:// 
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Hi Himanshu, the above implementation requires you to install the Custom URL scheme phonegap plugin. The name  "YOURGREATAPP" is a unique name that identifies your app, see URL scheme section in the documentation. You can test your URL scheme by installing the app on your device and typing yourscheme:// in the browser URL bar. 

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