Spotify API

Hello everybody, I am trying to implement some Spotify functionality into a Mendix App. I've been succesful in getting an access token by using the client credentials flow. However, as far as I can tell, it is not possible to get or define scopes in this flow.  If I try to access the authorisation code flow, the response of the GET action is a string with the html of the Spotify login screen. How can I use this flow within my app?
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Hello Bart, 

To me it sounds like you’re trying to embed spotify in a page. Going on that assumption, in my opinion what you’re trying to do should be completely front-end. I don’t think end-user credentials for a separate service should be passed through your back-end at all, furthermore if you were making the calls front-end you would be able to use the HTML coming back to build an interface.

Why not build a widget for this?