Best practice to build a rest based/ soap based application

Hi experts,  I'm new to mendix and have the requirement to build an application where the users can pass simple information like name and address into an interface. It  is not necessary to store this data inside mendix.   Based on this information my rest service should be executed and the answer shell mapped to my domain model. I'm really confused: Should I create the Objekt which is passed to  the service inside a microflow or before I execute the microflow? In the case, I create the object before I execute the microflow how could  I make sure that the right object is passed to the service? It is no problem to call rest services in the way like it is provided in the simple tutorials of the learning path.  The question is: how can I make sure that I pass the right data to the service and store the answer in my domain model.  Could you therefore provide a rough solution?  best regards    
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1) how can I make sure that I pass the right data to the service:

Your service-consumer can of course pass enter a any data she likes, so you can prevent receiving bad data, but you can do a validation of the data upon recieving it and respond accordingly.

2) store the answer in my domain model. 

Apply an import mapping. That will store the data in your model.