Post request error

Hi guys, I’m currently implementing integration with manageegnine and wanting to add new requests through its api. However I’m getting this error message: “unable to find valid certification path to requested target”. Does it looks familiar to anyone? Thanks
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Hi Ali,

This error occurs when the publisher of the webservice is using SSL (https), but using a certificate which is not signed by a public known authority (CA). If you want to trust this publisher, you can manually add this certificate.

First download it: for example using your browser: browse the site, click the lock in the address bar and click details and Export to file (CER or CRT-file).

Next import it. Locally in your Mendix Modeler: Project Settings > Certificates > Import. And in the Mendix cloud: go to your environment details > Network tab > Outgoing Connections Certificates > Add Authority.

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Hello Ali,

please, can you provide more information about how you have been implemented your code?