How to confiqure query param for call REST microflow

I want to call REST service (GET) using microflow. How can I confiqure query param to the microflow? Directly placing the params in url using template for brand and size (urlEncoded) results in following url http://localhost:50901/product/rest/v3/shoes?brand=My+brand%26size=5  whereas expected is http://localhost:50901/product/rest/v3/shoes?brand=My%20brand%26size=5   How can I achieve this?
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The replacement symbols for <space>: (%20 and +) are equivalent when encoding a URL query string. See this SO question and answer:

If the responding REST service cannot handle this, it should be fixed.

If you actually need %20, you have 2 options:

  1. Wrap the urlEncode() function in a replace() function that replaces + with %20
  2. That said, you can also download the Rest Services module from the app store. It contains a Java Action that does URL encoding and uses %20 for <space>

First determine parameters $MyBrand and $size and their values and then pass the parameters along in the location like this: