Populate drop-down from the response of REST call

On Product_NewEdit page, while creating a new product. I want to list all the available promotions in the dropdown out of which user can select one. I am getting list of promotions via REST call from a legacy module. As I am not using the default ‘Create’ button, I have created product object and passed it as page parameter for Product_NewEdit page.   After making the rest call for available promotions, how can I set the association with the product so that I can use it with reference selector on Product_NewEdit. Domain model:   Microflow for create (What should be the step for the activity to list all available promotions on page): Currently, I am getting a blank drop-down for promotions on my page.   Product_NewEdit page:   Or some other change is required in the domain model itself?
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To me it looks like you’re trying to select a promotion from a list in memory – I cannot tell what your service does exactly without seeing the configuration but I assume it doesn’t commit. 

If my assumption above is correct, in order to display the promotions you have a few options:

  1. Commit them 
  2. Add another association of Many promotions to One product and which you assign in that microflow (i.e. assign those promotions to the object) then display a grid/list of the associated (not xpath) promotions for the user to pick from 
  3. Sync the objects to a different entity of your own unique ID and manage which ones are active separately

Hope this helps


If you have the reference selector on the page, no extra microflow actions are required. You only need to make sure that your user has read/write access to the association and at least read access on the promotion entity. And you need to make sure that you have promotion objects in your database.