Consistency of Import and export mapping

I am using REST services from legacy module, where a product can have multiple tags associated to it. I have using JSON structure and generated import and export mapping using it. In import mapping, I am able to omit the ‘Tags’ object and keep 1-* relationship of product with ‘Tag’. But export mapping forces to have a separate ‘Tags’ object. Is this the right way to generate import and export mapping and have extra entity and mapping for ‘Tags’ in domain model? JSON structure: [ { "attributes": { "name": "", "weight": "" }, "tags": [ { "tagName": "", "tagKey": "" } ] } ]   Import mapping:     Export Mapping:   Domain model:
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Yep, nothing wrong with it.

You might want to add some annotations, next to ‘Tag_Poduct’ that it is for importmapping and next to Tag_Tags that it is for exportmapping.