$HttPRequest/Uri Does Not Have Https

I have a published REST service to receive webhook calls from a third party when web forms are submitted. When I inspect the URI of the HttpRequest object, its value is http://myappurl.mendixcloud.com/rest/blahblahblah In fact, this call was made to https://myappurl.mendixcloud.com/rest/blahblahblah  (i.e. the call was made to https and not http) The third party is now passing a signature in the header of the request that is a hash generated using a string that includes, among other things, the uri called.  When I generate the hash to check, it is different without the s than with the s.  This header signature and my generated signature don’t match, so I don’t know if the REST request is valid. Of course, I can put the s into the URI in a microflow, but I am wondering if there is a setting somewhere in my REST service (or in my app) that is causing the uri to arrive in the microflow as http: and not https: Any help appreciated! ***EDIT*** Rest Docs below
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Based on your response, I believe this is a bug for Mendix Support.