Universal link & intent filters for mobile hybrid app

We are facing some challenging situation here to open our mobile app using email link with deeplink module. Link does not launch mobile app, if app is installed in mobile device. What actually we require is to use the email signup activation link passed to user’s email. (We have already done it using deeplink module from our mendix app) So now, whenever the email link is clicked from user’s email app from his mobile device (Whatever app they are using) we would redirect them to our mobile app if installed, otherwise open the browser with responsive app to confirm login activation.   Secondly, we are using stripe registration in our mobile app which opens a new stripe window within an mobile app to register, once done, we want to redirect them back to mobile app, where they started from. We do not know the redirect URL for our mobile app, so we pass it to our external app (stripe). How could we achieve this?   Your help is appreciated.   Thanks Could anyone guide this process of 
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