Adobe PDF Forms Question

One of my customers receives PDF forms via email.  Each form is a Request For Quote, containing information like Buyer Name and Address, Items to be Quoted, Quantity for each item, etc.  I would like to get information this information out of these forms programatically to record it in a Mendix app.  Anyone here have experience in how to do this?  FYI, the forms are not created and maintained by my customer – but by the company sending the forms.
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There is not a standard module (at least that I know of at the moment) but you may want to look at Apache PDFBox which is also included as a default lib and a great lib for what you want to do.


And to get you started:


In the past I did a proof of concept with Abbyy Flexicapture. But it means that these PDF documents go first go though this system and then you get a XML in return (it needs training like an AI system and it gets better over time). It was quite accurate. There are probably more systems out there like Flexicapture. I have not yet found a cloud sollution that did this.