SAP Conversational AI Chatbot

Hi there, As part of my school project, I am required to launch an SAP Conversational AI chatbot onto the Mendix landing page?. Any ideas as to how I can get started?. Thanks. 
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Basically a common integration towards a REST service, by calling their API.

0 – find their API documentation to know which endpoints to call and how (how do they expect you to send a request, and how to they response)

1 – create a page in mendix

2 – create a domain model that supports your conversations (user-conversation-message ,...), requests, responses and related logic (data sources that makes, associates stuff)

3 – create a message on that page, so you can capture the content, to make a request for the SAP REST service

4 – create a message for the received response, associate it to the same conversation of the sent message