Export mapping parameter advice...

Hey, I need a bit of help locating request parameters for a SOAP web service call, I have successfully generated export mappings via a consumed web service operation. These seem as though they’d be functional as they have a valid output variables. I’ve used rest export mappings many a time without issue, so I’m relatively familiar with the process. During my experimentation I have attempted both options in the “SOAP Request Body”  tab that rely on export mappings. I have identified a common problem with these and “Export with mapping”; I lack the ability to choose a parameter: “No export mapping parameter specified”. After reading through the documentation on export mapping, calling web service actions and published WSA; I can’t figure out the issue. It’s most likely due to something with handling types of parameters, but I feel like I’ve missed something simple… Does anyone have any idea where I may have gone wrong?   Cheers, Ed
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You have to select a parameter in the webservice request. You can find it when you click on the webservice in your microflow and select te export mapping there under the tab ‘SOAP Request Body’.

And you have to create your pingRequest entity in your microflow so you can select it in the Soap Request Body.